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CHARLY Titan 3 Testbericht im Thermik Magazin

Das Thermik Magazin hat sich unser Wettkampf- und Streckenfliegergurtzeug genauer angeschaut und in Ihrer aktuellen Ausgabe einen zweiseitigen Testbericht darüber veröffentlicht. Der Titel lautet vielversprechend Charly Titan 3 VOLLENDUNG IN DRITTER GENERATION und bestätigt das durchweg positive Feedback das wir von vielen Titan 3 Piloten aus aller Welt erhalten. ...mehr Infos!


By request of several paraglider- and harness manufacturers Thomas Finsterwalder have developed a lightweight and easy to operate paragliding karabiner with a conventional twist-lock, whose fatigue strength meets the test specification of a DHV-authorized testing institute. This specification is based on the karabiner load during flight, which was ascertained by the DHV in tests, and requires a proof of fatigue strength for a period of 5 years, allowing for safety factors which are common in engineering. Up to now, this proof has not been shown by any other karabiner manufacturer. ...more info !

free*spee 2.0 Speedbar


free*spee allows for the optimal adjustment of the accelerator at any time. This can be done with only one hand, so that the steering lines do not have to be let loose completely. Therefore, free*spee is ideally suited for flying schools where harness and paraglider are switched frequently. ...more info !

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