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The HEAT.GTX with the first processor-controlled, adjustable heating system for gloves warms better, longer, and with less weight: The high-quality lithium-ion batteries weigh a mere 50 g, are invisible and imperceptible within the glove, and warm all five fingers for up to 12 hours.
"Impulse Control" stimulates the blood circulation in the fingertips. Using the function keys +/- on the upper hand of the HEAT.GTX, three different heat settings can be selected whereby the current setting is indicated by means of LEDs. ...more info !

CHARLY Balance

Technical allround harness with a broad range of use. Its exceptional freedom of movement proves beneficial especially during groundhandling. After take-off, the pilot automatically moves into the ideal sitting posture. Up in the air, an outstanding back support provides for a high level of seating comfort even during long flights while the harness transmits canopy feedback in a pleasant manner. ...more info !

E-Heat: Electrically heatable airsport glove.

Have you ever launched in hot weather conditions and then got cold fingers in icy heights? With the E-Heat, this problem can be solved at the push of a button! The lightweight (50 g), flat (5 mm) and - even at extreme outside temperatures - powerful lithium-ion batteries in the cuffs heat textile heating wires between the outer material and the lining which are guided over ...more info !

Video: Flying is freedom

Kerim Jaspersen followed together with his friends Patrick Penkert and Christian Menn his girlfriend Lena with the camera  when she learned how to fly and made a 24 min documentary about it. Lena's training took place in Germany so the film is in German. But I just finished the english subtitles! . the video !

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Das Thermikbuch in der 3.Auflage

Burkhard Martens hat sein erfolgreiches Thermikbuch in der eben neu erschienenen 3.Auflage komplett überarbeitet und erweitert u.a. mit vielen interessanten Gastartikeln von erfolgreichen Thermik- und Streckenfliegern wie z.B. Tom Weissenberger, Oliver Teubert und Daniel Tyrkas. Die Hardcover-Ausgabe hat jetzt 302 Seiten mit über 600 Bilderns und Zeichnungen, wovon 150 neu sind. ... mehr Infos !

CHARLY Frontcockpit XC

Frontcockpit with adjustable ballast pocket, suitable for a water ballast bag with a filling volume of up to 10 l. The ballast pocket can be zipped off without difficulty if it is not needed.
During transport, the instruments are well protected by the padded lid and can be easily attached to the Velcro® plate inside the frontcockpit. ...more info !

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