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Safety Note Paralock 3

sicherheitsmitteilung-paralock-3During the use of the Paralock 3 without the additional activation of the release blocking mechanism by means of the securing pin, it has happened that the risers have been released unintentionally. Loose hanging lines of the speed system wrapped around the release button in such a way that when the speed system was subsequently operated, the release lever was turned to the open position. The incident had no serious consequences.

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containerImproved inner container for CHARLY reserves available. Also applies to KORTEL Krisis Karré und MAC PARA Houston.
An improved version of the Tom Grabner inner container is now available for all CHARLY Second Chance and DIAMONDcross rescue systems as well as for the KORTEL Krisis Karré and MAC PARA Houston reserves. As before, the new container has two separate compartments for the lines and the canopy, so that the canopy is only released after the lines have been stretched, minimising the risk of entanglements between the reserve and the glider. A new feature is that the canopy compartment is slotted, making deployment more reliable even with low airflow or sub-optimal packing. .... more info!



DIAMONDcross, the patented steerable cross canopy, has been newly revised and is now available again after the supply bottleneck with the waterproof light canopy. It is now supplied with an improved inner container, which not only offers a high level of security against entanglement in the paraglider, as before, but also releases the canopy even more reliably in low inflow conditions.

The CHARLY DIAMONDcross with the new container is now called CHARLY TARGETcross.

DIAMONDcross/ TARGETcross opening safety


Already during the development of the DIAMONDcross, the topic "entanglement of the rescue system with the main glider" was crucial for diverse product details, which have been certified with additional tests far above certification criteria during the summer.

The most dangerous situations for a rescue system becoming entangled with the main glider are SAT-like rotations after tangling up. ... more info! 


Finsterwalder UNILOCK paragliding carabiner

HKar36Ultralight, universal paragliding carabiner
With a weight of only 45 g and a breaking load of more than 25 kN, the UNILOCK is currently the lightest and at the same time most loadable paragliding carabiners on the market. 
... more info!

Safety note for all CHARLY rescue parachutes

rettercontainer-newsCheck of the reserve handle-container-connection
Due to a problem that has recently come into focus that the reserve handle, especially of harnesses with integrated rescue compartment, can get caught in the lines after deployment and block the opening of the rescue system, we have limited the maximum length of the connection between the reserve handle and the inner container of the rescue system to 37 cm for CHARLY rescue parachutes. The picture shows how to measure the length.

The length of the connection between reserve handle and inner container should be checked by the pilots before the next flight.

Download the full safety note as PDF here.

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