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Welcome to our download-area! Here you can download instruction manuals, test reports, videos, etc.
To start the download, just click on the desired file with the right mouse button and choose "Save Link Target As..."!
Up to date:
Finsterwalder & Charly catalogue No 20 (5.6 MB)
Karabiner problems: Test report of the Sincotec test engineering GmbH (423 KB)
How can I check the actuation by gravity of my karabiner? (69 KB)
Karabiner problems: Meeting of the karabiner manufacturers (german) (119 KB)
Snaplock: Mounting directions for harnesses with a carrying strap width of 44 mm (168 KB)
• Quick-Out karabiner (screen-version) (128 KB), (print-version) (1.3 MB)
Pin Lock karabiner (196 KB)
Speed-system-separation system (1.1 MB)
Charly Mission PG harness (1.0 MB)
Charly One PG harness (3.0 MB)
Charly Globe PG harness (1.7 MB)
Charly Titan PG harness (4.4 MB)
Rotor Vulto/Vulto S/Havana HG harness (122 KB)
Order forms:
Order form Speedfex (427 KB)
Order form Perfex/Funfex/Lightfex/Airfex (431 KB)
Order form harness Flashlight (477 KB)
Order form harness Highlight (483 KB)
Order form harnesses Vulto/Vulto S/Havana (247 KB)
Order form harness Titan (309 KB)
Test reports:
"Flown for you: Funfex from Finsterwalder" from drachenflieger-magazin 1/88 (110 KB)
"Flown for you: Lightfex from Finsterwalder" from drachenflieger-magazin 5/92 (59 KB)
"Flown for you: Perfex from Finsterwalder" from drachenflieger-magazin 5/92 (68 KB)
"Test Spaßvögel" from Fly & Glide 11/02 (753 KB)
Harness buckle certification tests:
• P-Lock 25 (screen-version) (123 KB), (print-version) (614 KB)
• P-Lock 44 (screen-version) (125 KB), (print-version) (607 KB)
• PT-Lock 25 (chest strap) (screen-version) (127 KB), (print-version) (604 KB)
• PT-Lock 25 (T-strap) (screen-version) (124 KB), (print-version) (640 KB)
• PT-Lock 44 (screen-version) (127 KB), (print-version) (624 KB)
Our General Terms and Conditions of Business (GTB) (434 KB)