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Internet research: Are our Fexes still up to date?

A look around the web shows that we did not miss out on the development: The owners of the more than 1.000 Fexes in use are happy and content, praise their gliders' excellent handling and are enthusiastic about their flight performance, their low weight, their robustness and their unique short-pack possibility.

Post #17 from 20 January 2014 from the thread Perfex vs Falcon 4? in the discussion forum of puts it in a nutshell:

"So, why would you consider a glider designed 30 years ago against one designed in 2012-2013? Because it manages to be lighter, has more glide, is more playful and just as forgiving as a Falcon. Plus, it shortpacks. Not bad for a 30 year old geezer, uh?"

We have ceased the production of our high-performance model Speedfex. Today, we only build reasonably priced hang gliders for less ambitious pilots, i.e., "pleasure pilots". Particularly in this segment, the past 30 years have not brought any substantial improvements with respect to safety, handling and flight performance. So-called "new developments" are hence nothing more than facelifts, intended to make the customer believe he has bought the latest state-of-the-art model.

Precisely because we do not do facelifts, our elaborately designed hang glider models are timeless, have excellent spare part availability, high resale value and are produced in quantities other manufacturers can only dream of!

For many years, we have been able to consistently achieve strong sales with our successful models Perfex, Funfex, Lightfex and Airfex, which is why we will continue to manufacture them without modification. This spring, we have completely renovated and modernized our factory, and we have purchased material for 100 further Fexes.
Also on the second hand market, our almost indestructable fun gliders are extremely popular and thus slow down the sales of new hang gliders. Not surprising that our Fexes are in the bad books of some flying schools and manufacturers!

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