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Links to English and German-language forum discussions on the topic "Are the Fexes still up to date?"

  • Perfex vs Falcon 4?
    Excerpt from post #17:
    "So, why would you consider a glider designed 30 years ago against one designed in 2012-2013? Because it manages to be lighter, has more glide, is more playful and just as forgiving as a Falcon. Plus, it shortpacks. Not bad for a 30 year old geezer, uh?" 
  • Amazing experience with my packable 1,8 m Finsterwalder Airfex HG
    Excerpt from post #43:
    "I just love my Airfex. Because it flies so nicely. I shortpack only for airplane travel or for hiking up to remote launch. Otherwise, I leave it long and put it on the car roof. Then I lost my driving licence for one month. I got my Airfex going to a flying site by public transport and hiking up. A really great experience. I have it shortpacked currently, to go abroad. It takes me approx. 45 min to rig from shortpack. [...] Finsterwalder still produces Fex gliders. Great customer service, in case you need spares (one week)!"
  • Beginner HG to hold on even later for all purposes
    Excerpt from post #8:
    "Your Perfex will be built nearby Munich by very passionate and professional people. I heard a 73-year old Perfex flyer it's like riding a bicycle."
    Excerpt from post #58:
    "Yesterday afternoon, I found a pilot on the DHV-XC rating with the ultra-old Finsterwalder Funfex S. A few days before staying in the air with it for 4:28 hrs and reaching a height of 3.784 meters. Almost unbelievable. [...] But it's impressive that a design made in 1986 is so remarkable nowadays (and don't we forget: 24 kg, 16 qm, double surface, no VG...)."
  • Newcomer and Finsterwalder
    Excerpt from post # 2: 
    "I still fly the Funfex in winter when it is hard to get to the launching site with the modern heavy stuff. The 2 m shortpack is very well designed, and easy to set up and break down. Although it is an old design, they are still sold and a lot of the first gliders are still flying."
  • Funfex für A-Schein? (Funfex for 'A' license training?)
    Excerpt from post #5:
    "The quality of Finsterwalder's hang gliders is beyond any doubt, anyway. And the short pack possibility is fantastic, in case you need it." (translated from German)
    Excerpt from post #6: 
    "I switched to a Funfex already during my UL-towing 'A' license training. The glider is very sensitive and great to fly behind the trike via impulse steering. Following the UL with it was easy, even in turbulent and strong thermal weather conditions. Landing took a bit of practice, admittedly, because the flow rests against the wing for a very long time due to the large chord. The short-pack is brilliant. Never again have I felt so free with an aircraft as with the Funfex. No roof rack, no rain cover – into the car and here we go! With a bit of practice and systematic procedure, assembly can be done in about 30 min. Disassembly, if you do it properly, takes a bit longer. Folding the sail accurately etc. takes some time, but it is the basis for trouble-free assembly." (translated from German)
  • Funfex bestellt (I have ordered a Funfex)
    Excerpt from post #9: 
    "The bicycle was invented in the 19th century and has remained almost unchanged since then. The Funfex has undergone some slight improvements since 1986 and still flies wonderful. No other competitor was able to even remotely match Finsterwalder's short pack system. As numerous gondola lifts switch to mini cabins and do not offer hang glider transportation anymore, a '2 m-poled-paraglider' offers many additional possibilities to reach mountain launch sites. Last year, I was able to test-fly a Funfex manufactured in 2011 and was delighted. It flew even better than my own which was built in 2003. Even without a towing aid, it follows the trike like it was on rails. I made my so far longest, highest and furthest flights with my Funfex as you do not spend so much time considering whether to fly or not. You sometimes just assemble the glider and take off, even if the weather conditions are not ideal – and then you get surprised by unexpected but welcome climb. Whether and where I will land safely is hardly worth thinking about longer than with a paraglider, as landing with a Funfex is easy as pie (compared to a glider without king post). [...] @FleiingStiel: Have fun with your new Fex! You will see many 'more up-to-date' gliders with higher show-off potential below you." (translated from German)
  • Brauche Meinungen zum Perfex (Need opinions on the Perfex)
    Excerpt from post #3: 
    "This 'bird' is simply brilliant to fly, to say it short. I think you can absolutely recommend the glider, it might even be to agile at the beginning. But once you come to terms with it, a 'grin' in your face after landing is predictable." (translated from German)
  • Kurzpackdrachen (Short-pack hang gliders)
    Excerpt from post #4: 
    "The Fexes' short-pack possibility is really not bad – a friend of mine was always quicker at assembling his short-packed Funfex than me with my long-packed Reflex (as mentioned, I am a bit slow at glider assembly). I liked the detailed solutions very much." (translated from German)
  • Finsterwalder Drachen (Finsterwalder hang gliders)
    Excerpt from post #8: 
    "I have my license since one week, and this Tuesday, I was able to test-fly a Funfex for the first time. I am stoked by this bird. I did my training on a Star (Orion delta), and the difference in effort needed for steering is huge. I am sure that I will have fun for many years with my Funfex, I am already looking forward to the Spring and the thermals..." (translated from German)