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.: Service & Checks for hanggliders

Hanggliding is not dangerous - as long as one avoids discernible dangers
This includes careful maintenance of equipment.
After 5 years of use, hanggliders must undergo a thorough works inspection. After the first 5-year check, checks are required every 2 years. This regulation has proven very sensible, as negligence of sport aviation equipment can have serious consequences.

Advantageous works inspection
We are also constantly in a learning process when we recieve our gliders back in the workshop after many years of usage. We automatically upgrade during the works inspection in accordance with safety demands.
The operating sequence of an inspection in exactly defined by us (see inspection sheet). In this way we work efficiently and cost effectively.

The short pack system makes our hanggliders very service friendly and lowers freight costs. Our fair service costs are one of the reasons for the high resale value and popularity of our gliders.

Service costs
The check fee is € 95,- (incl. VAT)
The labour costs (sail-maker and workshop) are € 45,- (incl. VAT)

Stainless steel swaging can also corrode/become brittle. Independent of their condition, rigging/swaging must be replaced due to age:
Lower rigging every 4-6 years, Upper rigging every 7-8 years.

A list of hangglider spares can be found at the back of the owner's manual. An annual inflation rate of 2% should be calculated.

Should the repair/check inspection costs approach the current market value, then we shall contact you before proceeding.
Tips for checks
If possible deliver the glider packed short. This saves us time, and you expense.
Please draw our attention to necessary sail repairs.
Try to plan the inspection at the end of the flying season.
Inspections between March and October take longer as a rule.
A repair comission should accompany the glider.