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Scott-E - drive system without environmental pollution

Mike Küng after his first Scott-E flightCharly Produkte will introduce one of the first electric ascent aids. This ascent aid for paraglider pilots is being developed in a cooperation of Werner Eck, Geiger Engineering, Electric Sports, Flytec, and Charly Produkte.

Taking to the sky nearly noiseless like a bird, floating energy efficiently in the sky looking for thermal updrafts, being in complete harmony with nature. This vision was the starting point for the development of the Scott-E which uses Flytec's electric drive system. The Scott-E makes all this reality - and it has nothing in common with the well-known heavy electric drives from the past.

The Scott-E opens up completely new vistas for the pilot:

  • Absolutely vibration-free, almost noiseless take-off and flying without CO2 emission.
  • Launching in the lowland, in a meadow on the outskirts, or on a beach and then alighting at the same location. Flying becomes possible anytime and almost anywhere. Neither a mountain railway nor a towing aid is necessary and thanks to the return flight push of the electric drive system, outlandings and the organization of the return fare are things of the past. This does not only save you time and money but also lots of stress.
  • Benefit from thermal tubes at locations you were not able to access up to now. You thus expand the potential air spaces by a multiple!
  • The brushless HPD 10 engine is absolutely maintenance-free. There are no engine parts that are subject to mechanical abrasion anymore.
  • No fuel- and oil stench during transport. After the flight, there are no more hot engine parts that permanently dirty your hands or burn your fingers.
  • The complete drive system with airscrew and accumulator can be easily stowed away taking up a minimum of space.
  • The accumulators can be charged from any domestic socket and are are very long-living with a durability of approx. 1,000 charging cycles. To fully charge the accumulators (mean value of 24-60 Ah) costs about 0.60 EUR which is way cheaper than a comparable amount of fuel for a combustion engine.


This is what you should know about the Scott-E:

  • The electric drive system, developed by Geiger/Eck and produced by Flytec, is an absolute high-tech product. It is even the world leader in its class between 10 and 15 kW. With an engine power of approx. 1 kW per 0.33 kg weight, it achieves a power density which is regarded as unsurpassed worldwide.
  • The peak performance of the electric HPD 10 drive system approximately corresponds to the 50-fold performance of a common e-bike motor!
  • HPD 10/HPD 13.5 possess an energy conversion efficiency of approx. 94%. Also for electric motors, this is an absolute top mark (certain e-bike motors possess an energy conversion efficiency of only about 84%, the value of common gas engines is just 5%).
  • HPD drives by Flytec as well as all its components are specifically designed for lightweight, manned aircrafts and thus possess all required characteristics for these special fields of application.
  • Optimal engine speed.
  • Optimal propeller shape and size referring to performance efficiency and a minimal noise level which is far below the legal requirements.
  • Optimal design of the retractable propeller for the speed range and the stresses and strains characteristic for paragliding.
  • The design of the engine control is perfectly tailored to the particular safety-related and ergonomic needs of the pilot. The hard- and software employed for this purpose corresponds to the latest rules and guidelines of international industrial engineering. The complete drive system is protected worldwide by several patent records.

Charly Produkte offers an innovative allround harness specifically fitted to the Scott-E which provides full comfort and safety to the pilot during motor- as well as during free flight use.

Charly Produkte's network stands by for a worldwide distribution.


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