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Round canopy reserves


The world’s most-sold round canopy with numerous documented emergency deployments.

SECOND CHANCE round canopy
Modell 86  94  118
Max. load: 86 kg 94 kg 118 kg
Flat surface: 28 m² 32 m² 36 m²
Weight : 1560 g 1620 g 1920 g
Sink speed:

5.5 m/s @ 70 kg

5.9 m/s @ 80 kg

4.7 m/s @ 70 kg

5.9 m/s @ 90 kg

4.9 m/s @ 100 kg

5.4 m/s @ 110 kg

Volumetric value: 4200 ccm 5620 ccm 7280 ccm
Certification: LTF LTF LTF
Art.-number: HFa150/86
HFa150/94 HFa150/118
Price: 509,00 € 539,00 € 579,00 €


CHARLY reserve inner containers

Our inner containers have a separate compartment for the lines, so that the canopy is only released after the lines have been fully stretched. The line bundles remain protected inside the container, line tangles during deployment are safely avoided and the risk of entanglements of the reserve with the main glider is minimized. The fastening rubbers are made of elastic braids with a fabric sleeve and are much more durable than conventional packing rubbers.


The inner containers are suitable for the TARGETcross as well as for conventional CHARLY hang gliding and paragliding rescue systems.
Weiter Infos zu unseren Innecontainer findest Du in unserem Shop



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Round canopy reserves
DC inner container
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