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HG Harnesses

Charly Knee hangers

Comfortably padded, certified harness, originally developed for hanggliding.  This harness is also used for climbing gardens, adventure playgrounds and theatre stages. The pulley on the suspension enables continuously positions between lying, tilted forward and hanging forward.
Material: robust Cordura fabric and scrub-resistant straps. 
From an order of 4 harnesses, you can ask for individual modifications for an additional charge.


Sizes: S (1,50-1,68 m), M (1,70-1,85 m), L (1,82-2,00 m)
Weight: 2,4 kg
Colors: black, blue, red (special orders on request)
Accesories: Container for rescue system
Certification: DHV/LTF

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  Charly Knee hangers




Charly Skyfloater Supine Seat

Extremely comfortable skyfloating harness, does not hinder by take-off, thus ideal for the practise hill. Extremely comfortable skyfloating harness, does not hinder by take-off, thus ideal for the practise hill. Super small packable and light-weight. Rescue system can be attached on the side or (if equiped with a special aid-chute container) the back.

Hanggliding in the supine position
The supine position is quite unusual because schooling happens in prone position. The use of wheels at the speedbar is compulsory in schooling for they avoid injury if a standing landing misses.
For competition pilots the somewhat minor air resistance of the prone position and the better controlling possibilities around the diagonal axis are of importance. It can be flown faster and the hangglider can be stopped easier when landing.

Yet among pleasure pilots the comfortable sitting or supine position gains more and more friends. The speed range up to 60 km/h is fully sufficient for long-distance flying.

>> What you should mind when flying in the supine position:

  • Usually the height of the harnesse's hang-in is adjusted in such a way, that the femorals are situated close by the base tube basis. Steering happens preferably with the hands on the uprights. For the approach it is advantageous if the base tube - as by the Fexes - is mounted behind the hang-in point at the keel.
  • To allow flying sufficiently slow, the base tube basis of the hangglider needs to be moved 12 to 15 cm backwards compared to the adjustment for the prone position by using an adequate special wiring.
    For the Finsterwalder Fexse special (smaller) supine base tubes with an adequate wiring are available. If the hangglider disposes of a very high A-frame it can be flown with normal prone wiring, if you hang in over the base tube basis (suprone position).
  • For landing you need to sit up and mind to push forward the pensis as far forwards as possible.

Sizes: M/L, L/XL
Weight: 1,2 kg
Colors: black/red 
Certification: DHV/LTF 

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  Charly Skyfloater Supine Seat



Spreader bar

Spreader bar for paraglider harnesses 
for use on skyfloaters.







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   Spreader bar for paraglider harndesses for use on skyfloaters