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Safety notice CLICK-LOCK und T-LOCK

Update on the safety notice about CLICK-LOCK and T-LOCK buckles in paraglider and hang glider harnesses

After having informed 43 paraglider harness manufacturers about how to rework their grounded harnesses, we would like to to give you an update on the status quo. ...more info!

Charly DIAMONDcross - the steerable cruciform canopy

Thomas Grabner, inventor of the G-Force Trainer, is freelancing as a product designer at Finsterwalder & Charly since April 2016.
The tests for the first new product, a lightweight designed steerable cruciform canopy, have already been completed and the rescue system is currently being certified. Its advantage compared to conventional cruciform canopies is the possibility to ...more info!

Charly is moving to Munich

Finsterwalder & Charly are pooling their resources at the Munich headquarter and reinforce their local team by two new members:
Kerstin Kaiser
Pilot instructor assistant, responsible for Charly paragliding accessoires.
Tom Grabner
Development engineer, acro paragliding pilot and inventor of the G-Force Trainer.

The branch office in Seeg will be closed down
After 22 years, the NOVA general distributorship for Germany will end on 30.06.2016. However, Charly will continue to distribute NOVA paragliding accessories via the flight schools as a wholesaler. Like Bruce Goldsmith, NOVA wants to reorganize their paraglider distribution in Germany.

We thank our Charly team in Seeg for their excellent work and engagament!
Rudi, Jessy, Franziska and Gonzo will continue to carry out paraglider checks, packing services and harness repairs in Seeg until the end of August 2016. From July on, e-mails and telephone calls will be forwared from Seeg to Munich.

Buchtipp: Panorama - gliding europe

Das Buch übermittelt mit 448 Seiten in Wort und Bild alles ­Wissenswerte zu über 250 Flug­gebieten in Europa. ­Infos zu 500 Start- und Landeplätzen mit GPS-Koordinaten und genaue Zugangsbeschreibungen. Übersichtsfotos mit markierten Start- und Landeplätzen zu sämtl. Fluggebieten inkl. ­Hinweise zu geeigneten Wetterlagen und Jahreszeit. Angaben zu Thermik-, Streckenflug- und Soaring­möglich­keiten. Art.Nr. HL1508, Preis 59,90 Euro

Naviter Oudie 4 / Oudie 4 Basic

oudie4The Oudie 4 from Naviter now assisted by inertial sensors (gyros, accelerometers and magnetometers). The new sensors (and clever use of the Kalman filters if you like) also improve wind prediction considerably. The Oudie 4 Basic is a response to many pilot requests who really like the Oudie but would be happy to live without its high-end features. ...more info!

NOVA ION 4 - Performance for all

Nova ION 4High performance, light and a master at turning: the ION 4 has a better glide than the MENTOR 3. From 3.95 kg (XXS) it is feather light and thanks to its smart brakes, it offers impressive handling and climb performance. Discover the new milestone in the ION series ...more info!

Buchtipp: Gleitschirmfliegen weltweit

Der Traum vom Paragliden wird Wirklichkeit: Dieser einzigartige Bildband - fotografiert von Gleitschirmpiloten der Spitzenklassen - stellt die 30 besten Fluggebiete aller Kontinente vor. In faszinierenden Fotos aus luftiger Höhe geht es von den Alpen über Kroatien bis nach Island. Nach Mexico, Costa Rica, La Reunion oder Kenia. Oder zieht es Sie nach ...mehr Infos!

Charly Loop in new color

The popular Flying helmet CHARLY Loop, equally suitable for flying, skiing and snowboarding now in the new color matt-orange available.
...more info!

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