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Nova Ion 3 Light

Nova Ion 3 LightThe Ion 3 light is a fully-fledged Ion 3 - but nearly one and a half kilograms lighter. In has the same basic philosophy: the wing offers a lot and demands little. For this reason, it is the perfect all-round wing for mountaineering, cross-country and having fun. You can't get more out of a lightweight paraglider.

The Ion 3 light is approximately one and a half kilograms lighter than an Ion 3 and approximately half a kilogramme lighter than its predecessor, the Ion 2 light. This weight reduction was made possible through an intelligent mixture of materials and an optimised wing interior. The robustness of the wing remains basically the same. The advantage: the wing is lighter to carry and the reduced canopy weight has a positive influence on its extreme flight behaviour. ...more info!

First Aid Kit

ortlieb-kitThis first aid kit should be an inherent part of every pilot's equipment. The absolutely waterproof sleeve made of PU coated nylon fabric with roll closure can easily and quickly be fixed to a backpack, harness, belt, etc. by means of an attached belt loop. ...more info!

Nova Triton 2

Nova Triton 2NOVA's Triton 2 is a breath of fresh air the serial performance glider class, which follows in the tradition of former DHV 2/3 wings. On the one hand, the Triton 2 offers impressively good performance and therefore the potential for ambitious XC flights; on the other hand, its flying characteristics are absolutely manageable for experienced pilots. The Triton 2 is exactly what discerning pilots want: the ultimate flying machine that combines performance with a class-appropriate level of safety. ...more information!

Charly distribute BGD in Germany

Mario Koller von Charly mit den BGD Geschäftsführern Christoph Scheer und Bruce GoldsmithFinsterwalder & Charly are to become the exclusive distributers of BGD in Germany. The announcement was officially made at the Super Paragliding Testival in Kossen this weekend, where Charly and BGD shared a stand. The two teams compliment each other nicely and the cooperation is expected to bring a combined team that is stronger than the sum of the two components. ...more infos about BGD

Charly Breeze VS Tandem

Charly Breeze VS TandemIn response to the demand of many tandem paraglider pilots, we have developed a size adjustable helmet for tandem passengers that is based on our popular Breeze VS.
The new Breeze VS Tandem with glossy white finish is available in two sizes, each of which can easily be adjusted to different head circumferences via an adjustment knob at the back.. ... more info!

Charly Quattro

Charly QuattroThe Quattro features special openings at the corners for pendulum stability and is characterized by very short deployment times and minimum sink rates. Its 27 g canvas made in Germany has already proven its strength in the Expert series. Thanks to the combination with high-strength Dyneema lines, the Quattro has a compact pack size and weighs only 1.45 kg (size S) despite its large surface. ...more info!

Kortel Kolibri

Kortel KolibriLightweight harness, dedicated to hike and fly comp or bivouac flight.
Large storage pockets, huge airbag in the back in addition of the foam. EN and LTF certified. ...more info!

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