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BGD Dual Light im Thermik Magazin

BGD Dual Light Test im ThermikmagazinDie Tester des Thermik Magazin haben den Leichttandemschirm BGD Dual Light getragen und geflogen. Das Fazit des umfangreichen Tests kann sich sehen lassen.  ...mehr Infos!

Charly Loop in new color

The popular Flying helmet CHARLY Loop, equally suitable for flying, skiing and snowboarding now in the new color matt-orange available.
...more info!

NOVA Prion 3 Testbericht

Das Thermik Magazin hat den NOVA Prion 3 ausführlich getestet. Auszug aus dem Fazit der Tester: " Der Prion 3 ist ein A-Schirm, der nicht nur in seiner Primärfunktion, dem Startverhalten, glänzt. Er gibt dem Schüler/Piloten auch eine gute Idde davon, was fliegen eigentlich bedeutet, ohne zu überfordern." ...mehr Infos!


Mentor 4 light - The performance all-rounder (EN/LTF B)

No mountain is too high, no valley too wide: ultralight, high performing and innovative, the MENTOR 4 light (from 3.25 kg) embodies our passion for light-weight wings. The paraglider is full of sophisticated features which reduce weight and set new finishing standards.  ...more info!

Flytec Connect I available

The Connect 1 is the first-ever smart vario. Just like a smart phone, it comes with a touch screen, a multitude of sensors, and a range of connectivity options. Thanks to these connectivity options, you can very easily exchange data with your Connect 1 – even without a computer. ...more info!

Internet research: Are the Fexes still up to date?

AirfexA look around the web shows that we did not miss out on the development: The owners of the more than 1.000 Fexes in use are happy and content, praise their gliders' excellent handling and are enthusiastic about their flight performance, their low weight, their robustness and their unique short-pack possibility. ...more info!

Anniversary at Finsterwalder - The Funfex turns 30!


The opportunity to purchase a Fex and get 50% cashback!

30 years after the first Funfex has found its happy owner, no other hang glider manufacturer has succeeded in developing a better mix of forgiving flight characteristics, appealing performance, a high level of agility, low weight and flexible packing possibilities.

On this occasion, we reimburse 50% of the purchase price one of the buyers of a Funfex, Airfex, Perfex or Lightfex, who purchase their new glider in the time between 1 January 2015 and 30 June 2016 from us or one of our official dealers worldwide! The happy winner will be drawn by lot and announced on our website. ...more info!

Official assembly and disassembly videos of the Fexes on YouTube

Fexdrachen Aufbauvideos
How to assemble the Fexes short packed to 1,90 in 15 minutes, as well as further helpful videos on assembling and disassembling our gliders, are now posted on our official YouTube channel.
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