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Alpenheat Li-Ion Fire

Li-Ion FireElectrically heatable gloves for wear as glove liners or as stand-alone gloves. Fast-heating gloves for sports and leisure. The textile heating wires are hardly noticeable and run between the fingers to achieve the lowest possible heat loss. Once activated via a push button at the cuff of each glove, the fingers are supplied with pleasant warmth. One of three different heat settings can be selected. ... more info!

BGD Tala Light

Bruce Goldsmith DesignIf you have a lightweight tent, a -10 degree sleeping bag, a gas burner, a reversible harness, a GPS tracker and a flexible job, the Tala LITE is your paraglider. The Tala LITE is designed specifically for the adventurer in you. Its performance, safety and weight are ideal for those long isolated vol-bivouac flights.. ...more info!

La Sportiva Hyper Mid GTX

La SportivaLightweight, supportive and waterproof Gore-Tex® paragliding shoe for all sporting activities including ambitious day hikes and easier boulder problems. Thanks to its innovative shaft and sole/midsole construction, the Hyper Mid GTX is flexible and light like a sports shoe and surprisingly comfortable from the first step. Yet, it offers excellent stability. ...more info!

Skywatch Windoo

Skywatch WindooKey ring anemometer with thermometer for smartphones and tablets. Ingeniously simple operation and smallest dimensions – the personal weather station for your keychain! The measured weather data can easily be viewed in real time on your personal smartphone or tablet and ...more info!

Nova Ion 3 Light

Nova Ion 3 LightThe Ion 3 light is a fully-fledged Ion 3 - but nearly one and a half kilograms lighter. In has the same basic philosophy: the wing offers a lot and demands little. For this reason, it is the perfect all-round wing for mountaineering, cross-country and having fun. You can't get more out of a lightweight paraglider.

The Ion 3 light is approximately one and a half kilograms lighter than an Ion 3 and approximately half a kilogramme lighter than its predecessor, the Ion 2 light. This weight reduction was made possible through an intelligent mixture of materials and an optimised wing interior. The robustness of the wing remains basically the same. The advantage: the wing is lighter to carry and the reduced canopy weight has a positive influence on its extreme flight behaviour. ...more info!

First Aid Kit

ortlieb-kitThis first aid kit should be an inherent part of every pilot's equipment. The absolutely waterproof sleeve made of PU coated nylon fabric with roll closure can easily and quickly be fixed to a backpack, harness, belt, etc. by means of an attached belt loop. ...more info!

Nova Triton 2

Nova Triton 2NOVA's Triton 2 is a breath of fresh air the serial performance glider class, which follows in the tradition of former DHV 2/3 wings. On the one hand, the Triton 2 offers impressively good performance and therefore the potential for ambitious XC flights; on the other hand, its flying characteristics are absolutely manageable for experienced pilots. The Triton 2 is exactly what discerning pilots want: the ultimate flying machine that combines performance with a class-appropriate level of safety. ...more information!

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