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Charly GLOBE

While the Charly One focuses on uncompromising lightweight design, the new Charly Globe with its seating board and the various adjustment- and compression possibilities offers an astonishing comfort level despite a still extremely low weight compared to conventional harnesses.



  • Ideal combination of lightweight design and comfort due to the integrated seating board and various adjustment- and compression possibilities.
  • Integrated and individually adjustable rescue system container.
  • C.I.S. (Charly Inflate System) for an improved pilot safety - tested according to the latest LTF guidelines.
  • Equipped as standard with Finsterwalder P-Lock automatic lightweight components.
  • Easily accessible outside pockets and attachment possibility for telescopic sticks.
  • Detachable hip strap.


For what concerns safety, the Charly Globe scores with its integrated rescue system container, which can be individually adjusted to the different packing volumes of all prevalent systems, as well as the new Charly C.I.S. (Charly Inflate System) protector system: The first-class ram air protector has two asymmetrically positioned lateral valves that provide for a fast inflation independent from the inflow direction. The integrated flaps basically work like cardiac valves - they in the one direction provide for an excellent airflow, but seal extremely quick in the other direction. At the test of the admission office, the required damping values could for the first time be reached also after a five-second streaming disruption.

Weight:     From4,4 kg
Sizex:        M (1,60 m to 1,80 m), L (1,80 m to 2,00 m)
Colours:     Grey/ Blue / Orange
Articel no.: HG7
Price:         789,- €

Charly GLOBE product video


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