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No failure of the carabiners at the tandem accident in Spain


The assumptions circulating in the media, that the cause of the accident was a failure of the quick-out carabiners, have turned out to be incorrect.
The quick-out carabiners have been opened by the rescue teams and were in perfect conditions. The reason for the crash was a collapse during the landing approach!

The DHV received the following message by the Spanish AVLE:

"First, we should highlight that the fast release carabiners did not fail. The first two people who reached the place had to release the carabiners as they continued locked, and they also mentioned that they were new and in perfect conditions. There was no issue at all with the flying equipment.
The investigation hasn't been closed, but we can confirm that there was no problem with the fast release carabiners, and that the rumours that are being spread are wrong."

Paragliding tandem harnesses are often authorised with quick-out carabiners, as they are the only paraglider carabiners which have been proved to have a fatigue strength without time limitation at a load of 300 kg. Furthermore, they are the only paraglider carabiners which are checked individually for a load of 2000 kg and can bear a load of 4000 kg without being damaged.

Info: Are quick-out carabiners CE approved?
Mountaineering carabiners have to be CE approved, but not paragliding carabiners!
Only the paraglider harnesses have to be tested for airworthiness. But for paraglider carabiners do not exist any CE standards.
Some manufacturers of carabiners for paragliders advertise with the CE for mountaineering carabiners, without having provided a dynamic fatigue strength verification or at least an endurance strength verification for 5 years service life, which is mandatory for aviation.
Also for carabiners which can be disconnected under load, there exists no CE. The quick-out is so far the only one of its kind. It does not match the mountaineering CE. When using the quick-out for harnesses of the air rescue and the Federal Armed Forces, a CE approval of the harness is sufficient, just like for paraglider harnesses.

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